goodbye over coffee

„Are you even listening?“ She stares at me. Face blank. Emotions all carefully hidden behind excessively massive walls of hypocrisy and resentment. „Your coffee is getting cold“ An almost meaningless sentence. I stare at my untouched mug. „Won’t you even speak to me?“ It is cold. The foam on it had almost faded. The coffee … Continue reading goodbye over coffee



You are my paradise. Your touch is pure delight. Your voice in my ears is like spring rain colliding with soft skin. Your hands running through my hair feel like sunset at the seashore and bonfire glory. Your sent is like a fresh breeze in the summer heat. Your presence fills me with such rejoicing … Continue reading Paradise


When I write it feels like a flood of emotions running through me. Not emotions of my own but emotions of the character that is being created, the heart that forms on the paper. A heart sometimes created just to be broken. Writing is not about what the writer feels or what they live through … Continue reading Writing