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About that girl

Many would say she is the perfect girl

That she is flawless

The dream of every mother in law

Out of everyone’s league

Every guy’s fantasy

That she got no imperfect feature

But no one is perfect

So of course although she is pretty close, she isn’t perfect either


She is indeed the most beautiful girl in town and beyond

She is intelligent, knows how to speak with wise words

And she carries a truly golden heart

Loved by everyone, adored but also watched with jealousy

Many would say she is perfect.

I don’t.

She got her flaws and her little scratches

But if possible they only make her more beautiful.


She is a girl beyond compare.

Saying she is perfect would not be the right word to describe her.

For she is humble in her talents, she is careing and she knows that she is not perfect. She knows she is not above everyone else.  She doesn’t think high of herself. She is graceful and kind.

And this certainty in not being perfect makes her so much more beautiful and admirable.

She is not a perfect girl. For that would be a degradation of her character.

She is not a perfect girl. For what she is like goes beyond perfect and beyond words.

Only those who truly know her and have the chance to get a glimpse of her bare soul can understand what she is like.

There is no girl like her. And there never was and never will be. For she is beyond measures and beyond comparison.

© An Overthinker

texts, written thoughts

Back again!

Soo… I’ve been silent for quite some time now but I am back again! Because:

My final exams are over – and I couldn’t be more happy!

School has kept me crazy busy and I am so happy I finally have some free time again. To read, get inspired and especially: to write!

I am beyond thankful for this achievement and so happy to be back in poetry!

Thanks to all those of you who are still such loyal readers although I’ve been absent for a while, you guys are the best!

Lots of Love,


poetry, written thoughts

Behind walls

This world is full of people building walls around them, isolating themselves, shutting everyone and everything out.
We get hurt – we build up a wall

We are disappointed – we build up a wall

We feel alone – we build up a wall

If we go on like this it will resolve in total isolation. But there are so many things which we carry inside of us, that are not supposed to stay behind walls.

Talents are ment to be shared with others, so are emotions and experiences. Humans were not made to be alone. They were not ment to be building walls. Humans are ment to connect their hearts. To profit from one another, to share, to live life together.

Break down your walls, let out what has been held back and you will experience what everyone seeks deeply inside: Freedom and eventually Happiness.
© An Overthinker

poetry, texts, written thoughts

If only you could see with my eyes

Oh how often I wish you could see yourself with my eyes.

See the shining spirit in your eyes, see every single freckle that makes you so unique, see your oh so gentle hands and your fragile figure – soft and beautiful, just like a flower.

In me grows the need to protect you. Protect you from someone plucking you or someone taking your water away or someone stepping into your sunshine. Protect you from being hurt. – I care for you. I care.

And oh if only you could see yourself with my eyes. If only you could see this beauty, this unique creature. If only you could see and love yourself the way I do.

If only that would be the case, I bet you would not only be the most beautiful flower in the field but also the most outstanding, because you would stand upright -knowing your beauty, knowing your never changing value. You would see your true self and would know that you have all the reasons of this world to be proud to be yourself and to love who you are.

Oh if only you could see yourself with my eyes.


Dedicated to my best friend and all those who deserve to see themselves with the eyes of their loved ones.

© An Overthinker