When I write it feels like a flood of emotions running through me. Not emotions of my own but emotions of the character that is being created, the heart that forms on the paper. A heart sometimes created just to be broken. Writing is not about what the writer feels or what they live through but more about trying to make people feel. The author is not always talking about personal experiences or their own life. Its more about thinking yourself into other peoples hearts. People that probably don’t even exist. Its about telling stories you didn’t experience but that take part in your imagination. Where every heart can be broken but also every love story can end happily ever after. Its a land without rules, without boundaries. Where one can simply dwell in this mass of emotions and untold stories. Grasping bits and pieces of your imagination and putting them together until eventually you create not only a character but a world, an urge to know how what will happen and the feeling that what is written on the page is real, that is what writing is all about.


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