a garden of changed destiny

Every raindrop is falling hundreds of miles with the only destiny to be shattered on cold, solid ground. Every  raindrop resembling a tear that was never cried, a cry that was never heard and a story that remains untold.

That is unless someone decides to collect those forgotten souls and gathers them. Turns their destiny into a new one. For though it might often go to waste, the original purpose of rain is to make flowers grow and bloom in their unforgettable elegance.

Everyday thousands of girls are at risk of becoming a victim of FGM (Female Genital Mutilation). Their fate is decided by wrong believes and traditions leaving them not only physically but also emotionally damaged. Those girls are compromised for their entire life and it is our responsibility to stand up for them and fight for them to have a new fate, a life that lets them live up to their potential, uncompromised and whole. Lets create a whole garden full of flowers watered by tears that never had to be cried.





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