Mo·ti·va·tion -  what makes you choose work over binge watching a TV series. At the moment I am unable to locate mine. Grey's Anatomy has got me hooked. Anyone who can relate?


Update: Instagram

Since I haven't been updating a lot lately because I was busy, travelling etc. I decided to create an Instagram account, where I will be sharing quotes, inspirational pictures but also my personal life, what I'm up to, the books I'm reading... So if you want to stay updated follow my account or just add me … Continue reading Update: Instagram


Our love was like mist Seeing it rise was beautiful and fascinating But once it completely surrounded me - it made me blind It swallowed me It's beauty became my doom © An Overthinker


I am lost. Lost in this maze of my emotions. And every time when I feel like I figured it out - my way home You spin me round and round and leave me confused, devastaded, lost. Over and over again.   ©An Overthinker

About a wallflower

She always knew how to stay out of the spotlight. She always knew how to remain unseen. She always listened but she never was the one talking. She always took a step back not to stand in somebodys way. She always bent. Until she broke.   © An Overthinker