When I write it feels like a flood of emotions running through me. Not emotions of my own but emotions of the character that is being created, the heart that forms on the paper. A heart sometimes created just to be broken. Writing is not about what the writer feels or what they live through … Continue reading Writing


brave enough to feel

Society has a name for everything. Dictionary upon dictionary full of terms defining other terms explaining what exactly something is or means. There is a never ending craving for definitions and regulations, for statistics and rules for how something is supposed to be or what a certain word has to mean. And through this, society … Continue reading brave enough to feel


I guess somehow you were the glitter in my life. I never knew that I was missing something until I had you. You made everything more beautiful, more perfect.  But when I lost you, all the shine went with you. © An Overthinker


No tears. No war. No hatred. No death. No jealousy. No mourning. There is a place where this will come true. Some people call it Utopia. I call it heaven.  Yes, I believe heaven is for real. © An Overthinker