brave enough to feel

Society has a name for everything. Dictionary upon dictionary full of terms defining other terms explaining what exactly something is or means. There is a never ending craving for definitions and regulations, for statistics and rules for how something is supposed to be or what a certain word has to mean. And through this, society … Continue reading brave enough to feel


Writing slumps

It happened: Everything was just fine and then boom there it was - my writing slump. I knew this could happen to the reading part of me, but to the writing part? I didn't know that. I suddenly felt like I ran out of things to write about. Like every time I started to write … Continue reading Writing slumps

Embrace yourself

Everybody has someone to love. I'm not only talking about family, friends or pets. It's you. Yourself. Embracing who you are is not something negative.  It's not selfish. It's natural. Your supposed to like who you are - and it isn't even that hard Give it a try.   © An Overthinker