Tell me something I don’t know

Tell me something I don't know. Tell me that love feels like summer rain kissing soft skin Tell me that kissing feels like touching someones bare soul Tell me how a soul can be bare when its always carried within Tell me where is the ocean that is the origin of my tears Tell me … Continue reading Tell me something I don’t know


Come back to me

Where are you? Are you gone for good? I can't seem to find you in those empty eyes. I seek for you in them. I seek for you in every word you say, every thought you share. But I can not seem to find you. Where are you? Who is this new person I am … Continue reading Come back to me


I guess somehow you were the glitter in my life. I never knew that I was missing something until I had you. You made everything more beautiful, more perfect.  But when I lost you, all the shine went with you. © An Overthinker