I wish I remembered

I wish I remembered what it was, that made me fall for you. Just one thing that made it all worth it. Then at least I could tell myself that there was a reason. A reason why I loved you. A reason why all this happened. And a reason why it all ended.   © … Continue reading I wish I remembered


Back again!

Soo... I've been silent for quite some time now but I am back again! Because: My final exams are over - and I couldn't be more happy! School has kept me crazy busy and I am so happy I finally have some free time again. To read, get inspired and especially: to write! I am … Continue reading Back again!


I guess somehow you were the glitter in my life. I never knew that I was missing something until I had you. You made everything more beautiful, more perfect.  But when I lost you, all the shine went with you. © An Overthinker


Shining stars in a dark sky - People use them for many things. Declaring their love, predicting the future, orientation. But eventually every star will shine less and less until it falls. Marking the end of its existing with a phenomenon that makes people wish for things they don't have. I guess you were my … Continue reading Stars