Come back to me

Where are you? Are you gone for good? I can't seem to find you in those empty eyes. I seek for you in them. I seek for you in every word you say, every thought you share. But I can not seem to find you. Where are you? Who is this new person I am … Continue reading Come back to me


How far is far enough

He told her to go, to stay away, to leave him alone. So she did. Haunted by this mystery she could not solve: How far was far enough? Where did he want her to go, where did he want her to stay. Because as far as she could tell there were worlds between them, galaxies … Continue reading How far is far enough


Shining stars in a dark sky - People use them for many things. Declaring their love, predicting the future, orientation. But eventually every star will shine less and less until it falls. Marking the end of its existing with a phenomenon that makes people wish for things they don't have. I guess you were my … Continue reading Stars


No tears. No war. No hatred. No death. No jealousy. No mourning. There is a place where this will come true. Some people call it Utopia. I call it heaven.  Yes, I believe heaven is for real. © An Overthinker