Behind walls

This world is full of people building walls around them, isolating themselves, shutting everyone and everything out. We get hurt - we build up a wall We are disappointed - we build up a wall We feel alone - we build up a wall If we go on like this it will resolve in total … Continue reading Behind walls


You Make Me Happy

You make Me Happy. You make the sun shine a little brighter. You make my heart feel a little lighter. You make Me Happy. You make my tears taste a little sweeter. You make my thoughts a little keener. You make Me Happy. You make life seem a little less hard. You make the night … Continue reading You Make Me Happy

the goodlifechallenge (3)

Today I want to be thankful for: Letters. Letters create words. Words create Lyrics. Words create books. Letters form our language. Every single one of them. Without letters we wouldn't be able to communicate and such a thing as poetry wouldn't/couldn't excist. Time to appreciate this fact! © An Overthinker 

about joy

If there is anything as pure as joy, it is a child’s imagination. Joy is more than happiness. It is not only a short moment and not just a feeling next to a lot of other emotions that rush through your body. Joy is being completely, entirely and truly fulfilled with positive, thankful and blissful … Continue reading about joy