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If only you could see with my eyes

Oh how often I wish you could see yourself with my eyes.

See the shining spirit in your eyes, see every single freckle that makes you so unique, see your oh so gentle hands and your fragile figure – soft and beautiful, just like a flower.

In me grows the need to protect you. Protect you from someone plucking you or someone taking your water away or someone stepping into your sunshine. Protect you from being hurt. – I care for you. I care.

And oh if only you could see yourself with my eyes. If only you could see this beauty, this unique creature. If only you could see and love yourself the way I do.

If only that would be the case, I bet you would not only be the most beautiful flower in the field but also the most outstanding, because you would stand upright -knowing your beauty, knowing your never changing value. You would see your true self and would know that you have all the reasons of this world to be proud to be yourself and to love who you are.

Oh if only you could see yourself with my eyes.


Dedicated to my best friend and all those who deserve to see themselves with the eyes of their loved ones.

© An Overthinker


The goodlifechallenge

the goodlifechallenge (6)

Today I want to be thankful for:

Friendship. I believe that friendship is one of the most important things to have in life. I don’t know where I would be without my friends. They know me, they comfort and encourage me, they are just always there when I need them. Real friendships, where you can really be yourself without any boundaries are rare. I am lucky, I have this kind of friendship and today I want to appreciate that.

Cherish your friends for those are the ones who accompany you on the journey of life.


© An Overthinker