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Behind walls

This world is full of people building walls around them, isolating themselves, shutting everyone and everything out.
We get hurt – we build up a wall

We are disappointed – we build up a wall

We feel alone – we build up a wall

If we go on like this it will resolve in total isolation. But there are so many things which we carry inside of us, that are not supposed to stay behind walls.

Talents are ment to be shared with others, so are emotions and experiences. Humans were not made to be alone. They were not ment to be building walls. Humans are ment to connect their hearts. To profit from one another, to share, to live life together.

Break down your walls, let out what has been held back and you will experience what everyone seeks deeply inside: Freedom and eventually Happiness.
© An Overthinker

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A dozen broken hearts

I walk this empty streets once more.Thinking of you thinking of me. Wondering what I’ve been waiting for. Thinking about what we used to be.

I stare at the lights, that run next to me. Wondering if they have always been so bright.Or if It just now that I see, how bright they have always been.

Now, that My eyes are not just on you. Now, that I finally see. Now, that I no longer do, what you tell me to. Now, that I am free to see what is actually there.

I am thankful for what we had. Thankful for what it did to me. It has not always been that bad. And eventually it has set me free.

Free to know who I am and what makes me care. Like a bird discovering its wings. Ready to dive. Ready for those winds, to lift it up in the air.

I am ready to learn how to fly.Ready to throw my self down this cliff. Ready to rise up high.Leaving all the pain and tears behind. Ready to live.

And thanks to us no longer being us, I am finally free. I’m being able to trust. And I am finally me.

So thank you for doing this to me. Thanks for setting me free. This time I know it is for real. We are no longer package deal.

I’m on my own and that is fine. I no longer call you mine.

And I will do, whatever it may take, to let my heart not break again, the way it did with you.

One broken heart is enough for one to bare. So in the future I will take better care.

But thanks to you I know myself –And that is worth a dozen broken hearts.

© An Overthinker

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Today I want to be thankful for:

Freedom. Freedom is a right that has become more and more rare in the last years. Especially I, as a christian, am horrified by the high number of people being chased and oppressed because of their faiths and believes. But not only this, also war is raging in so many places, people die and human trafficing and slavery still take place in our world. So I don’t just want to express my thankfulness for having the right of freedom but also want to raise awareness. Don’t close your eyes to the horrible things that happen every day. Take action: in prayer, donations or actual help. Everything is better than doing nothing.

Take advantage of your freedom and use it for those who don’t have it!

If you really want to support, here are some organisations that do a really good work:

Not for sale campaign




© An Overthinker


poetry, written thoughts


Be free, oh my soul

For there are no boundaries for you anymore

For there is nothing to hold you back

The chains have been broken.
@ An Overthinker