Blog update

Dear Readers, I have decided to add some posts in my mother language to this blog. In the future my blog will not only be written in English, but in German as well. I live in Germany so I only learned English in school. I fell in love with the language very fast and started reading,writing and watching movies in English. It has become a part of me and especially my poetry is mainly written in English, just because I feel like I can express myself better like that.

The last weeks I thought about how much I love reading and so wanted to write more recommendations. So I thought, if I speak two languages so well and have many german readers – why not embrace it. This means that in the future there will also be German posts. Those will be mainly book recommendations but who knows maybe also some poetry posts. Of course I will still be writing most of my posts in English, so the main concept of my blog won’t change. I will also write more about reading as my hobby as well in German as in English for example my Top Ten authours, TBR-Lists or whatever may come to my mind!

I hope you will like this change and the additional posts! I look forward to hearing your opinions about that!


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