The goodlifechallenge (4)

Today I want to be thankful for:

Freedom. Freedom is a right that has become more and more rare in the last years. Especially I, as a christian, am horrified by the high number of people being chased and oppressed because of their faiths and believes. But not only this, also war is raging in so many places, people die and human trafficing and slavery still take place in our world. So I don’t just want to express my thankfulness for having the right of freedom but also want to raise awareness. Don’t close your eyes to the horrible things that happen every day. Take action: in prayer, donations or actual help. Everything is better than doing nothing.

Take advantage of your freedom and use it for those who don’t have it!

If you really want to support, here are some organisations that do a really good work:

Not for sale campaign



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3 thoughts on “The goodlifechallenge (4)

  1. What irony your giving thanks for freedom today. I have gained freedom today by quitting my soul crushing job. Though it’s not the same context as you’ve written about I love the call for freedom to be allowed to live without persecution. Great post I really like this challenge your doing!

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