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about joy

If there is anything as pure as joy, it is a child’s imagination.

Joy is more than happiness. It is not only a short moment and not just a feeling next to a lot of other emotions that rush through your body. Joy is being completely, entirely and truly fulfilled with positive, thankful and blissful thoughts. Neither carrying about yesterday nor about tomorrow or anything, but to only feel this one emotion, this condition of having a light heart and free mind.

Maybe feeling joy is something we forget when we grow up. We are told to always look at the pros and cons. ‚Don’t be optimistic, be realistic’. ‚There is always something wrong if everything goes right’. That’s what we’re thought.

So the only place where you can find something as pure as joy or joy itself, is when you leave the world of the grown-ups and go and seek for it in a child’s imagination.

Where there are no fears of tomorrow, no doubts in humanity and no struggles with daily life. Just joy – pure and simple.


© An Overthinker


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