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past or future

When riding a train and choosing your seat you always have just two possibilities: Watching what you leave behind or focusing on what is lying ahead of you.

You will have to choose.

If you don’t decide and just stare out of the window to your side, you won’t see anything clearly. Just a landscape rushing past you.

This is a metaphor to life: you can’t stare at the past and focus on your future at once. You have to make a decision, look back or look at what awaits you. If you don’t choose, life will just pass you without you being able to focus on anything.

So choose – and choose whisley.


2 thoughts on “past or future

  1. You know I’ve never thought of that before. It’s so simple and wonderfully poetic. This is going to become part of the way I commute and live. I really love this its a fantastic piece of writing and a hell of an inspiring thought. Thank you so much for introducing this simple but evocative idea to my life.❤

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