Inkheart – a book that teaches an important lesson

Inkheart, written by Cornelia Funke is a book that really got me thinking about it for a long time even after I finished reading it.


It’s about Meggie, a girl living together with her father Mo in a house full of books. Books are their life, her father is a restorer for old books and so Meggie learned to love written storys from when she was very young. One day a weird man comes to visit her father and her life was about to be turned upside-down.

Meggie finds out her father has a magical power that brings the characters of a book to life so that they enter the real world in exchange for someone to disappear and be trapped in the book forever. A fascinating and dangerous power at the same time. Meggie and Mo take us on a journey where reality and fiction collide.

What I love about this book?

Not only is it all about a bunch of people who just love books like crazy  (I was totally able to relate to them) but the story really has a hidden message:

How often have I wished for a more exciting life? How often have I wanted to be the girl in the book? Inkheart tells us to rethink these questions and teaches us one important lesson: Be careful what you wish for and thankful for the life you live -it could change at any moment.

I highly recommend this book, especially to all those who have ever wanted to live the life of a book character.



© An Overthinker


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