You are not a coincidence

No matter what people tell you
Or what they call you
Or what they say about you

You will always have a value, that can’t be taken away. By no one.
Because it was given to you by the one who created you.
You are not a coincidence – you are wanted and loved

I believe that God exists.
Not only as a passive being somewhere in outer space, but as a personal God, who cares for everyone.
Call me crazy – I don’t care
But I think that the love of this God is the only thing that goes beyond every boundary.
To this God and his unconditional love your gender, your age, your appearance… it doesn’t matter.
All he wants is to be with you, to be there for you and to fill you with his love for you!

Sounds to good to be true or to crazy?
I know, but believe me it’s worth taking the risk and just trying it out.
You won’t regret it.

© An Overthinker


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